What is a 510-thread battery?

What is a 510 Thread Battery?  

Unveiling the Power Behind the Vape 

If you are shopping for a cannabis vape pen, you have probably discovered that there are many types to choose from. There is one thing that all of these different batteries will have in common: they will use 510 connection threads. While the 510 thread battery was originally designed for e-cigarettes, it’s now the universal type of battery, and it can be used with almost any vape accessory on the market, especially cannabis vape pens. If you are unsure about what any of this means and are wondering, “Wait, what does 510 mean?” stay tuned as we are going to go over some 510 thread history and how 510 thread batteries benefit today’s modern world of vaping!   

What Is a 510 Thread Battery? 

When vaping first took off, there were several types of vape batteries and accessories that all used different threading types, which caused most vape pens to be incompatible with each other. Out of all the different thread types, 510 connection vapes were the most popular, thanks to their incredible efficiency. When manufacturers realized this, they began designing all their products to be more compatible with each other by using the 510 connection threads across the board.  

So, what is a 510 thread battery, and what does 510 mean? The 510 thread battery is actually the main component of a vape; it’s what gives your vape the power to vaporize cannabis concentrates. The term itself comes from the thread connection, which is where the battery screws into your cartridge. This thread connection has a total of 10 threads that are .5mm apart. This gives your vape a seamless connection!  

Benefits of 510 Thread Batteries 

By now, you’ve learned how the 510 thread battery has set the standard in the vaping community. They are especially popular for vaping cannabis concentrates because they are simple and easy to use. The versatility of 510 connection makes switching out your vape accessories more convenient than ever! Check out some of these awesome benefits the 510 thread battery provides! 

  • Lightweight and portable design, so you can carry them with you on-the-go. 
  • Simple to use and interchangeable with other 510 thread devices and accessories. 
  • Come in disposable and reusable varieties, as well as standalone that have removable 18650 batteries. 
  • Temperature control functions, so you can choose how much voltage power your device has. 
  • Can be used with different types of cannabis concentrates and dry herbs.  

How Does a 510 Thread Battery Work 

510 thread batteries work by supplying the heating element of your vape with power and are simple to use. On the end of your battery, you will see the metal threads; this is your 510 connection. You will see a small pin in the middle, called a 510 pin. Once the 510 connection of your battery is attached to the 510 connection of your cartridge, the 510 pin will send the battery power up to your heating element, which then vaporizes the concentrate in your cartridge. While explaining the mechanics may sound complicated, connecting these parts is actually very easy to do. To connect your 510 thread battery and cartridge, you simply screw the 510 connection ends of both components into each other and make sure it is secure.   

Types of 510 Thread Batteries 

There are several types of batteries to choose from, including disposable vape pens, reusable vape pens, and standalone models. If you want to go down the standalone route, you will need to pick out an 18650 battery. You may also want to decide if you would like to purchase your vape battery by itself or in a kit. With these options in mind, let’s talk about the most common types of 510 thread batteries.  


You might find disposable 510 thread vape batteries out there that are made to only be used once. These disposable batteries, like the name implies, are not rechargeable and are simply thrown away whenever the battery dies. They are usually used with pre-filled cartridges. This would be a good choice if you don’t vape very often and don’t want to spend the money on a reusable battery.  


If you vape a lot, a reusable vape pen is a great choice and budget friendly! These pens have a built-in battery and have 510 connection threads that can be used with different 510 thread attachments. This gives you the option of using pre-filled cartridges or refillable cartridges. They typically have a slim, pen-like appearance, which makes them discreet and portable.  


A standalone battery is more advanced, but it is also going to be more expensive. What makes a 510 thread standalone battery different is that it takes 18650 batteries, which are removable. This is a cool feature because you can either charge your device via USB or you can remove the 18650 battery and charge it in a standalone charger. This is also a stronger battery, so the charge is going to last longer than a reusable 510 thread battery. You can find 18650 battery 510 thread standalone in different shapes and sizes.  

Vape Kit 

If you are just getting into vaping, a vape kit is a great idea. It may cost a little more up front, but it will be more cost-effective in the long run. These are great for beginners because a vape kit will come with all the attachments you need. This takes all the hassle out of picking out your accessories. You can find a vape kit for nearly any type of 510 thread battery, including box mod 510 connectors and 510 pin vapes.  

How to Choose a 510 Thread Battery 

With all of these different types of 510 thread batteries available, it’s important to know what features to look for in a vape. Some will have a button to press to take a hit, but if you want the easiest option, you can get a battery with auto-draw technology, which detects when you are inhaling for instant puffs. There are also batteries that have digital displays, which can be helpful if you want to view your vaporizer specs. To help narrow down your choices, there are a few other things to consider, such as temperature control, the type of cannabis you want to use, and battery life.   

Temperature Control 

Depending on what type of cannabis you want to vape, temperature control is going to be a significant feature to have. Like mentioned above, some devices will have a display that shows temperature control, while others may have a twisting feature on the bottom to select your voltage. The temperature is controlled by the voltage of your battery, so if you want to start at the lowest temperature needed first and turning up the voltage if it isn’t getting hot enough. If it tastes like it is burning, just turn the voltage down a little.  

Type of Cannabis Use 

You can use different types of cannabis concentrates with your 510 thread battery. Pre-filled 510 thread cartridges and other cannabis oils will need to be vaped at a lower temperature. If you are wanting to vape a thicker concentrate, such as wax, you will want to turn up the voltage to reach a higher temperature. Some batteries even work with dry herbs! Simply grind up your flower of choice and add it to your tank. Like wax, dry herbs require a higher temperature in order to produce vapor.  

Battery Life and Charging 

No matter what type of 510 thread battery you choose, you’ll want to make sure it is fully charged. Most 510 batteries will come with their own charging cable or adapter. The light will either change colors or turn off once it’s done charging. While the battery life of a reusable battery is good, the battery life of a standalone is even better. If you are leaning towards getting a standalone vape, you can find standalone chargers that can charge up to four 18650 batteries at a time! Also, if you aren’t going to be using your vape for a while, you can extend your battery life by turning your vape off until you’re ready to use it again. In the case that your 510 thread battery isn’t charging, you can try a different charging cable or cleaning out the charging port.  

Vaping Essentials from Strio 

510 thread batteries have become so popular because they are easy to use and make customizing your vape effortless. We want to help give you the best vaping experience that you can possibly get and have a great selection of devices to choose from. If you are looking for a unique battery device, then look no further! Strio is always coming up with the best 510 thread battery designs and other vaping essentials. Find your perfect vape today!