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Premium Dab Rig Accessories For Enhanced Smoking

Types of Dab Rig Replacement Parts

When you invest in a dab rig, you're not just buying a single item — you're acquiring a complicated device crafted with numerous components. As a result, individual dab rig parts might need to be replaced over time.

Here's a deeper dive into some of the most vital dab rig replacement parts:


The atomizer is the most crucial part of your dab’s attachment. This component is what takes your concentrates and efficiently converts them into a dense, flavorful vapor ready for your enjoyment. Over time, atomizers can wear down due to regular heating and cooling cycles. If you begin to experience weaker vapor production, an inconsistent taste, or if it takes longer than usual to heat up, this is typically a clear sign that your atomizer may need a replacement. Any visible damage or corrosion also indicates that it’s time for a new atomizer.

To maximize the lifespan of your atomizer, clean it regularly — especially if you frequently switch between different types of concentrates. And remember, when replacing dab rig parts, always opt for quality. A high-quality atomizer will last longer and provide a more consistent, flavorful experience.


The coils in your dab rig are responsible for heating the atomizer. They play a pivotal role in ensuring that your concentrates are vaporized at the ideal temperature, ensuring optimal flavor and potency. Because coils endure a lot of heat, they can rust or wear out over time. If your atomizer is heating inconsistently, taking longer to reach the desired temperature, or if there's a burnt taste in your vapor, it's a sign that your coils are due for a change. Also, any visible damage or discoloration on the coils can indicate it's time for a replacement.

For an elevated dabbing experience, it’s important that you use the right coil type for your concentrates. Some coils are designed specifically for certain types of concentrates, so choose your replacements carefully. 


As the name suggests, your dab rig’s mouthpiece is the piece that allows you to inhale the vaporized concentrate. It acts as a bridge between you and your rig, determining the flow and smoothness of your draws. Over time, mouthpieces can accumulate residue or even develop cracks, leading to potential air leaks. If you notice a decrease in air flow, spot visible damage, or if it simply starts to feel uncomfortable, it's time for a replacement. While regular cleaning can prolong its life, chances are you’ll need to replace your mouthpiece at some point.

Want a pro-tip? Opt for mouthpieces that are ergonomically designed. These dab rig attachments not only offer comfort, but also enhance the overall dabbing experience.

Hydro Tube

The hydro tube is a crucial dab attachment that acts as a water filtration system. Passing vapor through water cools down the vapor and filters out impurities, resulting in smoother and cleaner hits. If your hydro tube starts showing signs of clogging, leaks, or structural damage, it's time for a new one. Additionally, if the water doesn't seem to filter as effectively or there's a change in the vapor's taste, consider checking your hydro tube to ensure it’s functioning properly. 

Regularly clean your hydro tube to prevent buildup. Keeping it clean extends its lifespan and ensures you get the purest hit every time.

Water Bubbler

The water bubbler functions similarly to the hydro tube, but its unique design allows for better diffusion and percolation. It breaks the vapor into tiny bubbles, maximizing the water's cooling and filtration capabilities. Look out for cracks, leaks, or blockages. If your bubbler isn't working as well as it used to or if the vapor starts to feel harsher, it’s time to inspect and potentially replace it with a new one. 

Change the water in your bubbler regularly. Fresh water ensures that you're not inhaling any stale or trapped impurities and leads to a smoother, more enjoyable experience. 

Glass Tubes

Glass tubes house the vapor before it reaches you, giving you a visual of the density and quality of your vapor. Glass tube replacements are necessary when significant residue buildup affects the vapor's taste or if you start to see visible cracks in the glass. If the draw feels restricted or you can't see the vapor inside, it might be time to get a new glass tube. 

Regular cleaning ensures they stay clear and functional for longer, but it’s recommended to replace these regularly as these smaller dab parts can be especially difficult to clean properly. 

Replacement Screens

A replacement screen for a dab rig is a small dab rig bowl piece, typically made up of mesh material that fits into the bowl or nail of the dab rig. Its primary purpose is to prevent small pieces of concentrates or debris from falling into the rig while allowing the vapor to pass through. The screen helps to keep the rig clean and maintain efficient airflow for a smoother dabbing experience.

When looking for a replacement screen, make sure to consider the size, material, and compatibility with your rig's setup. It's also a good idea to regularly clean your screen to ensure the longevity of your dab rig and the quality of your dabs.

The Best Dab Rig Accessories

Replacement dab rig parts are necessary, but they are necessarily fun. So let’s get to the good stuff! Here are some of our favorite dab rig accessories. 

Packing Stick & Magnetic Cap

The Packing Stick & Magnetic Cap is a valuable accessory designed to enhance the loading process and overall experience of using concentrate dab rigs. Made from high-quality materials, this tool boasts a sleek design and is often crafted from durable, easy-to-clean materials like medical-grade stainless steel. The magnetic cap feature adds a layer of convenience by securely holding concentrates in place during loading.

Ideal for those seeking a mess-free concentrate loading process, the Packing Stick & Magnetic Cap is user-friendly and fits well within the design of various concentrate dab rigs, making it a versatile tool for dabbing enthusiasts. Its functionality not only simplifies the loading process but also helps minimize waste by ensuring efficient transfer of concentrates to the rig's nail or banger. Additionally, the magnetic cap prevents spills and offers ease of use.

Beyond its practicality, this accessory's compact and stylish design contributes to its longevity and attractiveness. All in all, the Packing Stick & Magnetic Cap stands as a necessary addition for anyone seeking a hassle-free, efficient, and enjoyable dabbing session.

USB Charger

Introducing a versatile solution for your vaping needs — the world’s most convenient mini charger. Crafted with simplicity and convenience in mind, this compact charger is designed to keep your vape battery powered up and ready to go

This charger boasts a compact design that measures just 2.5 inches in length and 0.5 inches in diameter. Its portability ensures you can carry it easily in your pocket or bag, eliminating concerns about running out of battery power while you're out and about.

Despite its small size, the 510 thread vape battery USB charger offers efficient charging capabilities. It's compatible with any device featuring a 510 thread battery connection, providing a quick and reliable charge to keep you vaping without extended downtime. Using the charger is straightforward: screw your battery onto the charger, plug it into a USB port, and let it charge. An LED indicator light adds convenience, signaling when your battery is fully charged and ready for use. Built to endure everyday wear, this charger is constructed from quality materials, ensuring it remains dependable during various activities, from travel to outdoor pursuits.

For those seeking a reliable, compact, and user-friendly vape battery USB charger, the 510 thread option is a worthy choice. Designed for fast charging and compatibility with diverse devices, this accessory is an excellent addition to any vaping setup.

Need to replace your battery? No problem! Check out our 510 thread battery collection! 

Wax Container

Let us introduce you to a durable and compact solution for storing and transporting your wax concentrates. Constructed from premium materials, the container maintains freshness with an airtight seal and easy visibility.

Designed for durability, portability, and convenience, our wax container withstands daily use and the compact size ensures easy transportation while keeping your concentrates fresh. The container's custom fit guarantees a seamless experience, and its easy cleaning ensures long-lasting use.

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