How To Dab Without A Rig

Dabbing has become a popular way to consume cannabis because not only does this method deliver the tastiest hits, but dabs are also incredibly potent! The best part of dabbing is loading the wax into your perfectly heated banger and taking that first delicious rip from your dab rig. But what if you are new to dabbing and bought some wax, even though you don’t have a dab rig yet? Or worse, what if your favorite dab rig has taken an unexpected fall and broken into pieces? Don’t worry because there are different ways to smoke dabs, and chances are you already have the tools you need to smoke dabs without a rig! But before we tell you how to smoke dabs without a rig, let’s go over some dab rig 101 for those who are about to embark on their first dabbing adventure.  

What is a Dab Rig? 

Dab rigs come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes! If you are unfamiliar, a dab rig is a type of glass water pipe that is specially designed to be used with cannabis concentrates, such as wax and oil. While they are smaller than your average water pipe, they are generally in the same price range. A dab rig will usually come with a quartz banger or some other type of dab nail, which is designed to be heated up using a butane torch until it reaches a high enough temperature to vaporize concentrates. Think of it as bong, but instead of having a bowl for flower, it has a banger for concentrates! Dab rigs are also very customizable, as there are lots of different add-ons you can get for them to enhance your dabbing experience.  

What is the Best Way to Smoke Dabs? 

There are many ways to smoke dabs and we can give you the run-down. The best way to smoke dabs will depend on your preference! Let’s start with the standard dab rig. This method is going to give you the cleanest, most potent and flavorful vapor that all the dab aficionados rave about. Of course, if you are always on the move, a compact portable dab rig would also fit great in your collection and will provide a similar experience to a standard dab rig. If you're on the hunt for a premium rig, you’ll be happy to hear about the latest marvel in dabbing: the electric dab rig. Also known as E-rigs, an electric dab rig takes all the hard work out of dabbing. They heat up to the proper temperature automatically, eliminating the need for a butane torch. Before you decide on a dab rig, let’s talk more about the different types to choose from.  

Standard Dab Rig 

A fan favorite, the classic standard dab rig will give you a more hands-on dabbing experience. There is something ritualistic about the process of heating up your quartz banger and watching your concentrate of choice turn into vapor as you inhale. If you are new to dabbing, you may consider getting a dab kit that comes with everything you need to get started! Standard dab rigs also require dab tools like a butane torch, dabber, and carb cap. The Strio Skylab Silicone Water Pipe is a one-of-a-kind dab rig that is both durable and versatile! It comes with a nectar collector, banger, nail, and herb slide so that you can enjoy whatever kind of smoking you prefer. Perfect for wax, dabs, or dry herb!  


Portable Dab Rig 

A must have for any smoker on the go is a portable dab rig that you can take anywhere! Portable dab rigs come in compact sizes, so they usually hold less water than your standard dab rig. The Strio Bake & Sip is an all-in-one smoking, dabbing, and sipping water pipe that will be the perfect travelling companion! Yes, it looks like a water bottle but can function as a water pipe, too. This discreet design lets you drink your favorite beverage and toke without drawing any unwanted attention. It also comes with a dabbing attachment, making it a versatile and convenient dab rig. Made with high-quality materials and durable silicone, The Bake & Sip can withstand any adventure you bring it on and last for years to come!  



Electric dab rigs are the future of dabbing! By ditching the butane torch for an electric heat source, E-rigs have changed the game by making dab rigs more convenient than ever. Designed to elevate your dabbing experience, the Strio Cosmos is the ultimate all-in-one E-rig! With 3 in 1 functionality, it can be used as a wax vape mod, dab rig, and 510 vape battery. The Cosmos has three different heat levels and a preheating function, providing you with a customizable experience. It also has a long-lasting, rechargeable battery that will keep you dabbing all day long. Don’t let its high quality and fancy features intimidate you, the Cosmos is user-friendly for both OGs and beginners!  


How to Dab without a Rig 

If you plan on dabbing regularly, then you should definitely invest in a dab rig! If you already have a dab rig, this might be your sign to get a back-up rig. While a dab rig will give you the best dabbing experience, there are still several ways to smoke dabs that you can try if you’re ever in a pinch. One of the easiest ways to smoke dabs without a rig is by mixing it with cannabis flower. Of course, if you don’t have any flower on hand, you still have some other options. Knowing how to do dabs without a rig will prepare you for any situation! Let’s finally talk about the different ways to smoke dabs without a rig.  


If you have a hand pipe and some flower, just load up a bowl! After you have your bowl loaded, take a small dab and lightly drop it on the top of the packed flower. Whenever you light it, the dab will sizzle and melt into your flower, vaporizing as the flower burns instead of just running into the bottom of the pipe. Inhale and prepare to cough! Using a pipe to smoke dabs will be harsher than a dab rig but it will get the job done. You could take the edge off by using a glycerin hand pipe, like the Strio Frozen Hammer, which has a liquid glycerin insert that you can freeze by sticking it in the freezer for a super chill, smooth smoke sesh.  



Using a bong to smoke dabs is similar to using a hand pipe and you can do it without a dab nail. Just like the pipe method, pack your bowl with flower and use a dabber tool to carefully drop the dab on top of the flower. When you light your bowl, the dab will melt into the flower and vaporize as the flower burns. Thankfully, the water filtration will help reduce the harshness and provide a smoother hit than a traditional hand pipe. The Strio Cruiser and Strio Skylab come with both a flower slide and a quartz banger, so you will have different ways to smoke dabs. 


Vape Pen 

Vaping dabs is a great alternative if you are trying to figure out how to smoke wax without a rig.   All you need is a vape battery and a cartridge! If you want to go the more convenient route, you can pick up a pre-filled cartridge that is ready to go, just twist it onto your battery and puff! Now, if you would rather use your own wax, you’ll need a vape battery with a refill tank. Just disconnect the tank from the battery and place a small dab onto the coil. Reconnect the battery and power it on, then slowly inhale. The Strio Trinity Wax Pro is the perfect wax pen and it is also easy to use! It has a quartz bowl that keeps concentrates from touching the heating coil and even comes with a dab tool hidden in the mouthpiece.  



Now, if you are wondering how to smoke dabs without a rig, and you don’t have any extra smoking devices around, you can just grab some rolling papers! There are several ways to spruce up your joints with dabs, but be careful, it can get sticky! You’ll want to start out by laying out your paper and spreading the flower across it, just like you’re rolling a normal joint. Once your wax is warm, just dab some across the top of the flower in a straight line and then roll it all up! You can also use warm wax on the outside of a rolled joint, just spread it out across the length of the joint creating a line, a trail of dots, or even twirl it around like a spiral. Now, if all that seems too complicated, just place a dab at the tip of your joint for an intense hit when you spark it up!  

Hot Knife Method 

If you don’t have access to any smoking devices, a vape pen, or anything that can be used to smoke dabs, then head over to your kitchen! This is one of the easiest ways to smoke dabs without a rig, and all you need is a butter knife. You will heat up a butter knife over your stove top, it doesn't matter if your stove is gas or electric. Once the butter knife is hot, dab some wax onto it. The wax will start to vaporize after it is placed on the hot knife, so be ready to inhale the vapor! Chances are, most of the vapor will be wasted, as it will quickly disperse into the air. Try inhaling the vapor through a straw or a funnel to get the most out of these hot knife dabs! 
Vaping Essentials from Strio

Now that you know how to dab without rigs, you are ready to face any dab emergency that comes your way! It’s also a good idea to have a mini dab rig and an extra banger around for backup. Whether you are a beginner or a dab enthusiast, Strio has you covered when it comes to dabbing in style! Check out our unique collection of dab rigs, vape pens, and other fun smoking accessories that will elevate your experience to the next level. Our innovative designs combine functionality with luxury, creating one-of-a-kind products you won’t find anywhere else.